General Club Information

Residents of Lake Pine formed the Lake Pine Colony Club for civic and social purposesin 1939. The Colony Club is still thriving today and now handles the management of the community clubhouse, grounds and maintenance of the lake and dam. Lake Pine currently consists of 477 homes of which about 402 households are Colony Club members. Lake Pine is a beautiful mile-long lake that boasts beautiful views and is available for Colony Club members to kayak, canoe, swim and fish. There are three beaches along the lake for members to enjoy as well.                                                           

The goal of the Lake Pine Colony Club is create the most enjoyable, safe, and community oriented neighborhood in Burlington County and in the Medford Community.  We are fortunate to live in a community that appeals to all types of families. 

We have created this website for Lake Pine Colony Club members or those in the community who want to become LPCC members  - so you can find everything you need to know about our neighborhood and our community.  Please take time to look around this site for neighborhood events and more.